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Birthday Idea... A conversation amongst the voices in my head.

Okay, So here we are 5:55 Am and I am blogging. I love writing. More about me later. Anyways. My birthday is in 4 days and I cannot figure out what I want to do. I mean especially after what happened last year.

What happened last year?

Well, last year it was my 27th Birthday. I asked everyone who I thought was my friend to show up at the bar and celebrate my birthday with me. Well I should have known no one would show up, But I have always been a guy who always got his hopes up, plus, if you have tunnel vision like mine, You never look at the big picture, You only see what you want to see.

Back to the story. I freakin' go to the bar. The bar owners shared a "3 wisemen" with me but couldn't stay long because they had massages to go to or some shit like that. So two of my friends arrived.

What could go wrong?

What was wrong about my 2 friends showing up? The answer is simple....

1. They brought their wives -- Anyone who has married friends never appear to be themselves when their wives are around believe me I know.

2. The face of friendship -- I was reading everyone and I saw that they really didn't want to be there. I would rather them no show than sit there and pretend to want to be there. Now why I was happy they came I would have been happier if they didn't act like they were on a short leash.

3. I had volunteered to buy drinks on my birthday and they refused. -- Nuff said.

Now after all of that I chose to leave and runaway to Indiana for 3 weeks. now I won't do that this year instead I think I want to plan a birthday party and no show it... Just like in the movies and on TV when they have the big parties for the main guy but they don't show up.

I think i will just save myself and just have a 6 pack and watch some wrestling lol. but who knows, maybe my best friend was right he always say his birthday is always just another day. Maybe I should adopt that attitude too.
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